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I am Shamim Reza. You are highly welcome on my website. I cannot but thank you for browsing my site. I would like to gladly inform you that I am a digital marketer and SEO expert in Bangladesh. I have enough proficiency in all the fields of SEO. I am always responsive for my clients for any consultancy in business and SEO.  According to Google, I am in the uppermost position among the top-level SEO specialists in Bangladesh. I have skillfully brought many sites in the topmost level on Google’s first page.

I wish to offer you to visit all the pages of my site. I want to be beside you if you need SEO service for the highest rank of your site to flourish your business. You will really find me very much cordial for any SEO related consultancy service. Feel free to knock me if you have any queries or need any service.

Organic Ranking
Organic Ranking 95%
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing 98%
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eCommerce SEO 90%
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Affiliate Marketing 90%
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Content Writing 95%
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Client Satisfaction 90%

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to all types of marketing using the internet and online-based digital technologies. Most of the business platforms now depend on this marketing. The companies either small or large confidently take the opportunities of this marketing in order to uphold their services as well as the products. The demand for such marketing is on the increase day by day.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media platforms to enhance traffic and sale is known as social media marketing. Your expected content can be published and done marketing to your targeted clients by social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, and Instagram.
I can help you with this marketing to promote your service.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to get targeted traffic. Organic SEO is a must to rank your website based on particular keywords. Frankly speaking, both on-page SEO and Off-page SEO is essential for the expected peak of success. In this case, I am entirely capable to rank your website, advance your business, and produce a brand by white hat SEO.

Professional Experience 2 Years +​
Satisfied Clients 80+
Website Ranking 20+
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Social Media Marketing
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The business world is now online-based. Every owner expects to spread the business periphery in every nook and corner of the home and abroad. This purpose can be materialized by creating a website. But if the site is not on Google’s first page, you cannot preach your services in your targeted places. With a view to getting Google rank, doing SEO of your site is a must. SEO has a great effect on a site to make a strong foundation. The present age is now technology-based. The customers confidently support the high ranked website. But the site has to be in rank based on organic SEO. The site on the first page by Add trusts less. SEO undoubtedly enhances traffic on the website. The visitors make positive comments being happy with the unique contents, design, and service of the site. Moreover, off-page SEO helps to get quality backlinks. It popularizes the site quickly and effectively. It assists to make your product brand. It manages everything for you to stay in the market place for a long time. So, the necessity of doing SEO of a website is now clear to every business owner. There is no any way to avoid it.
Why an SEO expert has to be hired

As a business proprietor, you can have standard products, a skilled marketing team, and an attractive website. But you may not reach to your targeted clients according to your demand. If your website comes to rank on the first page of search engines especially in Google, you can possess business fame and get enough visitors.

There is no alteration of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert for the estimated growth of your site. Your website with excellent content should be in high rank (on the first page of the search engine). Every search engine has rules. Every website has to follow the rules to remain in the first position. It is really a great competition. An SEO expert has update knowledge of search engine algorithms. He works appropriately following the rules and regulations of search engine algorithms. At this, he can search the perfect keywords for the ultimate rank of your site. He applies ethical rule supported by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.  

Your expectation is to sell your products and services with name and fame. To increase your business fields, you must contact a digital marketing company or an SEO expert. The person you will hire should be professional, qualified, and cordial. He will be in touch with the updated rules and systems to hold your business fame so that you can reach your expected goal.

A man becomes adequately experienced to work in a fixed profession for many years. It is also the same for an SEO doer. He researches the latest SEO techniques. Then he applies his technical knowledge and expertise to rank your website. Knowing the ins and outs of this industry, he can skillfully and appropriately maintain the site. The clients search in different search engines to get their expected service. In this case, Google is in the first choice. Naturally, they click on the websites having in the top position of the first page. If they find your site in the top list, they will be your permanent traffics and ultimately turn into your customers. You cannot go forth without making a master plan. You have to compete with your competitors in the market nationally and internationally. You have to be advanced with a long process of target and plan. Besides, it also takes time and patience to bring a site in high rank. But if there is any error appliance to do SEO of your site, you have to suffer a lot. Your site has a probability to lag behind. So, it is highly recommended for you to hire an SEO expert because he knows the updated rules given by the search engine. If a skilled SEO doer works with your site, it will save not only your time but also money. At this, you can exercise your brain in other work with a relaxed and free mood.


I am competent in all the fields of SEO. I am professional in both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. I can research keywords appropriately. If any customer is in a penalty for any error, I am ready to work hard for penalty recovery too. I am very much conscious to make my process of work search engine crawler friendly. My working process will vastly help you to get back-links more and more.

I always provide a white hate SEO service. I have a deep belief in obtaining a legal way of work. I have come to market place to work lifetime. So, I ultimately follow proper ethics and serve white hat SEO to bring a website in rank on the first page of Google. This process is laborious, methodical, and technical. It takes time to bring a site in the expected position. Following the legal process in work brings success slowly but surely.

I am capable to capture the consumers’ demand. Your clients naturally expect to get good service from you. I try hard and soul to guess the clients’ demands. I consciously observe the tools and data. Then I find out the perfect keywords of your services to increase traffic on your site. This technique minutely and quickly helps to rank your site.

I always love to work with open-minded. I follow strict discipline in my work. I make reports of every aspect transparently for the clear conception. I submit updated information in the form of reports to the owner. I complete my duty according to the discussion at an affordable price. I am always ready to attend meetings either online or offline to know the customers’ expectations. I am enough sincere to complete my responsibility in time. I prioritize frankness as a virtue in conversation and work. This virtue helps me in my professional life to work confidently and make a long time relationship with the clients.

I am a hard studious and up to date. I love to keep myself in touch with the updated algorithms. Understanding the rules provided by the search engine is a must for an SEO doer. I am enough industrious to study to find out the updated things for my customers. I never support laziness in the field of work. My work is in time, work report is appropriate and report language is simple to understand. I always attempt to make my clients happy with my work.