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Md Shamim Reza

You are highly welcome on my website. I am happy to inform you that I am a digital marketer and SEO expert in Bangladesh. I am always responsive to my clients for the consultancy of Digital marketing and SEO. According to Google, I am in the uppermost position among the top level SEO specialists in Bangladesh. I have skillfully brought many sites to the topmost level on Google’s first page. So I can satisfactorily optimize all of your website content to generate more revenue.


Free Website SEO Audit

Give the link to your website in the following box if you want to know the errors having in your site. I can observe your website from first to last properly. After that, I can identify the problems in any content. Then I will provide you with the best consultancy to solve the errors.

My Valuable Clients

Shape Communications
Software Solution Company
Advance Movers
Care Pest

Md Shamim Reza - Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

If you want to know about the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, you have to search in Google by the keyword – “Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh”
At this, you will find me on the first page of Google.
Not on me, keep faith on Google.

If you want to see your website at the top of the first page of Google for a long period of time, your website has to be done with organic SEO. For this, you have to go to a professional SEO expert like me. I can fill up your demand of getting your site at the top of Google. 

I have already brought many sites on the first page of Google. I have also successfully completed 25 projects for different companies locally and globally. You will find me capable, expert, and responsible.

I follow the guidelines of the Webmaster. I apply different strategies while working to bring your site to the high rank. I follow White Hate SEO. I can take your site to the top position slowly but surely through organic SEO.

Free SEO Course

Search Engine Optimization Free Course

Alongside my SEO career, I would like to offer SEO online courses freely. I want to create employment opportunities for the people of Bangladesh. Unemployment is like a curse. It makes people idle. I attempt to remove unemployment and the distress of helpless people. Keeping this purpose in my mind, I have taken some steps for free SEO training. By doing this course, the unemployed can manage different jobs on the SEO platform. With this, they can earn enough for themselves and also help others. Through this process, the people of the country can be well established and the country will also be solvent.

Benefits of Hiring An SEO Expert in BD

Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exactly brings your website to the high rank of Google. It becomes visible on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Applying SEO techniques appropriately gives you the expected result. In this case, there is no alternative to hire a certified SEO expert. The benefits of hiring an SEO expert are described below.
Not on me, keep faith on Google.

If you are a business owner, you will ultimately have a target to be in the ranking position as a businessman. You may invest in different ways to materialize your dream. But you know well that the present age is the era of technology. To advance your business competing with your competitors, you have to apply different techniques. You have to keep your business website in the high rank of Google. As a businessman, you are generally busy with many works. So, you have to hire an expert SEO doer having vast experience of many years. He will search the keywords obeying the rules of Google Search Engine. He is always up to date about the algorithms of Google. He is used to applying White Hat SEO. Investing money to hire an SEO expert is never a waste of money. Rather it is one of the sources of income.

ROI refers to Return On Investment. Everybody invests hoping to get the benefit. If you want to get maximum revenue from your website, you have to do organic SEO for the site. At this, the SEO doer will observe your site properly and completely. He will skillfully handle your site and work responsibly to increase ROI. At this, the investment you will do will get its expected return. You have to bear in mind that ‘No SEO, no return.

Doing business coping with up-to-date methods bears the testimony of a technological-based businessman. Increasing the periphery of your business is your ultimate goal. So, you have to focus on your business differently. You need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site. You have to do SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You cannot do every work of your business by yourself. If you try to do everything by yourself, it will not bring a good result. You have to reduce the workload from you by employing an expert SEO doer and exercise your brain in improving your business.

In order to generate more traffic to your website, doing SEO is very important. You have to either hire an SEO expert or accept consultancy from a leading SEO consultant. An SEO doer generally has vast expertise in SEO and SEM. So, he knows the right use of SEO tools. He can assure you with organic SEO. At this, your website will be in the high rank of Google. An analyzed SEO plan designed by a White Hat SEO specialist will ultimately drive more traffic in your site.

Analytics are an important part of your webpage. With the help of SEO experts you can understand and utilıze those analytics to run your business more etticiently. You can also set up goals based on the analytıcs data to achieve maximum revenue.

SEO is a continuous process. It takes hours for research and optimization. As a business owner, your time is very vital. If you hire an SEO expert, he will handle everything. At this, you can utilize your time.

The following things an SEO doer will do for you.
*Keyword research
*On-Page SEO
*Off-Page SEO
*SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
*Technical SEO

In the end, it can be asserted that you have to hire an SEO expert to do SEO on your website. I am a Google-certified digital marketer and SEO expert. So, you can hire me. I will solve all the problems of your website.

Take your RANKINGS, TRAFFIC, & REVENUE to new heights

Free Website Audit

The 1st step starts with performing a website audit by the Top SEO specialist in Bangladesh to identify what SEO strategies are the appropriate ones to be implanted on your business website.

Search Engine Optimization

The 2nd step is all about starting the procedure of Search Engine Optimization by the expert team members of Md Shamim Reza.

Clients Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction has been the main concern of mine since the beginning of my professional SEO career. I solely and truly work for value, as SEO has always been my PASSION.

SEO Bangla Tutorial

I’m Md Shamim Reza, an Entrepreneur, a SEO expert, Local SEO and SEO trainer, Freelancing Workshop Mentor and Affiliate Marketer. If you think you want to become a part of the freelancing world, then this is your chance to get the best SEO Training in Bangladesh and start your online earning.

To get you introduced to the amazing and analytical world of SEO, I have videos of our tutorial classes in YouTube that you can follow. These tutorials will give you a basic idea of SEO:

  • updated strategies for ranking any website in Google.
  • tricks and techniques on how drive a lot of traffic or visitors to a website
  • opportunity to learn and gain practical knowledge on the methods of SEO
  • how SEO works locally and how you may take advantage of it

Here is the link to our tutorial class. So subscribe and follow my channel to view new classes on SEO.


Why Hire Md Shamim Reza – Best SEO Specialist In Bangladesh?

Only hiring the best SEO specialist in Bangladesh can help you with achieving the desired goals for your business.
And, I, an experienced SEO professional in Bangladesh, will help you in achieving your business goals.

I am competent in all the fields of SEO. I am professional in both on-page and off-page SEO. I can research keywords appropriately. If any customer is in a penalty for any error, I am ready to work hard for penalty recovery too. I am very much conscious to make my process of work search engine crawler friendly. My working process will vastly help you to get good results.

I always provide white-hat SEO service. I have a deep belief in obtaining a legal way of work. I have come to market place to work a lifetime. So, I ultimately follow proper ethics and serve white hat SEO to bring a website rank on the first page of Google. This process is laborious, methodical, and technical. It takes time to bring a site to the expected position. Following the legal process in work brings success slowly but surely.

I am capable to capture the consumers’ demand. Your clients naturally expect to get good service from you. I try hard and soul to guess the clients’ demands. I consciously observe the tools and data. Then I find out the perfect keywords of your services to increase traffic on your site. This technique minutely and quickly helps to rank your site.

I always love to work with open-minded. I follow strict discipline in my work. I make reports of every aspect transparently for a clear conception. I submit updated information monthly in the form of reports to the owner. I complete my duty according to the discussion at an affordable price. I am always ready to attend meetings either online or offline to know the customers’ expectations. I am enough sincere to complete my responsibility in time. I prioritize frankness as a virtue in conversation and work. This virtue helps me in my professional life to work confidently and make a long time relationship with clients.

I am studious and up to date. I love to keep myself in touch with the updated algorithms. Understanding the rules provided by the search engine is a must for an SEO doer. I am enough industrious to study to find out the updated things for my customers. I never support laziness in the field of work. My work is on time, the work report is appropriate and the report language is simple to understand. I always attempt to make my clients happy with my work.

Why Hire Md Shamim Reza – Best SEO Specialist In Bangladesh?

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Md Shamim Reza

Here to optimize your online presence with Certified SEO expert.

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