I’m Md Shamim Reza One Of The Most Superme SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Specialist in Bangladesh. I Have Successfully Brought Many Sites On Google First Page. You Can Hire Me To Get More Traffic & Increase The Periphery Of Your Business. I Can Confidently Assure You Of The Utmost Flourishment Of Your Site & For The Targeted Traffic.

Md Shamim Reza SEO Expert in Bangladesh
About myself

Hi, this is Md. Shamim Reza with you. You can call me Shamim as my nickname. I am here to share about me and my background also. I am a social media marketer and SEO expert in Bangladesh.

From my early age, I was interested in computers. I was thirsty for searching for the latest discoveries. When I could know about the internet from my elders, I was amazed. All types of information about the furthest corner of the world are available on the internet. I became so curious to use it. I searched many things in different Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, etc. Gradually, I could know about social media and online marketing. I was surprised to learn that one can introduce oneself, popularize the service of business all over the world, and earn a lot of money acquiring skills in this sector. Ultimately, I became fond of this technology. Besides, I always think of making extraordinary something that will be helpful and useful for all classes of people around the world.

With the purpose of learning exceptional something, I searched on Google and followed the portfolio of successful men. I also took information and idea from my senior well-wishers. They guided me to be an expert on one side from many categories – Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and so on. I studied on the mentioned topics for several months but Digital Marketing with SEO attracted me much. Then I practiced in this profession for a long time in a full swing. I spent many sleepless nights to make me competent. I have also completed some courses  Practical SEO in BITM,  Digital Marketing under the ICT Division and, Affiliate Marketing in IT – Q solution.

One thing stirred me always and that is to work for people. My thirsty is quenched when I can successfully serve a man. I feel happy from the core of my heart after completing the responsibility that I have been assigned by a client. I am enough studious to keep myself in touch with updated knowledge.

My long journey in this profession is for many years. I have shared a great piece of my life in this industry.  Years of practice with rapt attention have paved the way for learning ins and outs of digital marketing. Working professionally for a long time has made me experienced enough.

I have already worked in some organizations as well as with individuals. They are satisfied with me. I have also created a YouTube channel and shared my expertise with video form subtly so that people from all over the world can be benefited. I am working on this platform with broad-mindedness. I believe that traffics come to my site to know information and get their expected service. They wish to know how I can serve them to expand their business periphery. In this case, I can entirely assure them of good service according to their anticipation.

The reason why you can call me an SEO specialist
Keyword research
  • Using paid and free tools
  • Taking effective ideas of site and service
  • Fixing niche
  • Selecting probable keywords
  • Searching the selected keywords using the tools
  • Finding out the perfect keywords
  • opponent investigation
  • keep eyes open on the use of the keywords
  • searching keywords thinking future
  • Providing the keywords on Web Page
On-Page SEO
  • On-site optimization
  • fundamentals
  • URL structures
  • Page titles
  • eta descriptions
  • Meta keywords
  • H1-H6 tags
  • Images Optimization
  • The perfectly optimized page
  • Internal Linking
  • User experience
  • Information
  • architecture
  • Sitemaps
  • Canonical Issue
  • Google page Speeds
Off-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Google Business Page, Maps, etc.
  • Link building and earning
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Local Citation
  • Profile Link Building
  • Image Sharing
  • Info Graphic 
  • Add Blog Comment
  • Social Book Marking
  • Directory Submission
  • Edu & govt. Links
  • Forum Posting
  • Classified Ads
  • Web 0.2
  • Q. & A.
  • Content marketing
  • Outreach, Article Submission and online PR
Technical SEO
  • Search Engines Crawl & Index
  • SEO copy-writing
  • UI & UX Suggestion
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Robots.txt
  • W3C validation
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEM Fundamentals
  • Data Feed Creation
  • Audience Creation
  • Campaign, Group & Ad Set-Up
  • Re-targeting & Re-marketing List Creation
  • Search AD (Text Ad Set-Up)
  • Dynamic Ads (DPA) Set-Up
  • Image Ads (GDN) Set Up
  • Perfectly Optimize AD
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Social Media Basics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Reddit Marketing
  • Google Plus Marketing
  • Social Media Paid Advertisement

I continuously research the above things to deepen my confidence. This is a long process to be successful in this industry gathering practical knowledge. As I relentlessly stick to my mission, I am on the peak of success. I am hard studious just for my clients. I feel relieved if I can ensure the most updated services for my clients. I think my customers’ success as my success.

Motivational speech by Shamim Reza


There is a proverb that “It is easy to say but difficult to do”. I would like to share a motivational message with all of you that satisfactory success is possible for all of you. Every one of you must have some creativity to make a difficult topic easy. You have to apply your own strategy with a clear conception of your fixed target. Be patient. Never lose heart. Don’t waste time. Work with rapt attention. Keep your eyes open on the market condition to know your service position. Use every moment of your time effectively. Taking an appropriate decision at the appropriate time is a must for success. You have to consider yourself as a torchbearer in the midst of darkness. If you stick to your mission, of course, you can remove the darkness with your torch. Even you can show sunlight to your followers.

Md Shamim Reza SEO Expert in Bangladesh
How to find out a professional SEO expert

At present, most of the business has become online-based. Everyone wishes to expand the business periphery. Your website must be in the high rank that means on Google’s first page if you would like to get more traffic and customer. For this purpose, you have to hire a professional SEO expert. Now questions arise that how you will be able to find out a competent SEO expert. While contacting and employing an SEO doer, you have to investigate the following qualities that an SEO expert should possess.

 Having a grand nice portfolio
 Years of SEO experience
 Understanding different SEO levels – (website’s structure, crawling, indexing)(on-page optimization- using keywords, HTML tags) (off-page optimization – link building )
 updated with the current trends
 having no penalize
 praiseworthy recent works (A record of SEO success )
 keyword ranking position
 Making a clean report of works
 Technical SEO audit
 on-site audit
 off-site audit
 Having practical ideas about marketing
 Having the capability to understand your site, service, and goals
 You have to know what tools they use
 Excellent communication skill
 Having passion and curiosity to learn
 Touching himself with the updated information and algorithms
 Open-minded, responsible, and sincere

If the above-mentioned qualities are found available in a person, you can sense him as an SEO expert. In the end, I would like to assert that if you find the qualities in me, you can offer me for the SEO of your site.

Help You Succeed Through Online Marketing

Online marketing means informing about the service of a company to probable clients. It is done by advertisement, sending messages via social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram. Customers of different classes are generally found in these mentioned media to search for their necessary things. The messages about the products and services of a company are provided in the stated media to flourish the company as quickly as possible. This practice nowadays is one of the best practices to preach the service of the company and make its products a popular brand.

The sources of traditional marketing like advertisements on television and radio, billboard, leaflet are expensive. Even they cannot cover the expected fields. On the other hand, online marketing is totally practical. In the present era, business owners of all classes either small or large are realizing the significance and advantages of online marketing. So, they are advancing to it and taking its benefits too. At this, they are being capable to spread the service of their products all over the places especially in their targeted areas very easily. The business world is very competitive now. There is no alternative to applying the advanced technology that is online-based.

In online marketing, there are many sources available for you. You can utilize them according to your choice for the extension of your business boundary. The appropriate sources are as follows:

 Social Media Marketing
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
 Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
 Affiliate Marketing
 Content Management System (CMS)
 Email Marketing
 Display Advertising
 Content Marketing
 Video Marketing
 A/B Testing & Website Optimization
 Marketing Automation
 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 Marketing Analytics
 Events & Webinars
 LinkedIn Ads

I am a professional online marketer. I have many years of hand-experience in this profession. I naturally apply the updated technology for the anticipated outcome. My system ultimately will increase your not only traffic but also sales. I am used to using white hat SEO. I never take the way of black hat SEO trick to come to the rank rapidly. Because this trick will undoubtedly be penalized at any time. Naturally, you cannot be in a successive position in the market without enough traffic. My effective and latest SEO technique in this marketing will certainly open a way of traffic on your website as early as possible.

I have worked in many companies in my professional life and solved many digital projects. If you wish to grow your business edge, increase traffic and sales, I would like to grantee you for the top rank of your site on Google search engine. Feel free to knock me if you have any queries and also for quality service.

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